Customer Support Unit

This unit is designed and established in accordance with ISO10002 and ISO/TSI10004 international standard in the way of improving quality of services, customer satisfaction, quality management system, investigating to complain. Therefore, in order to meet requirements of customers and international standards, the policies of our company are as follows:
  • Meeting customer requirements following up their comments and maintaining their satisfaction
  • Supplying new and diverse products in accordance with qualitative needs and financial ability of customers
  • Improving scientific level and creating cooperation among personnel of different departments of Parisansanat Service Development Co.
  • Improving customer knowledge for creating culture of optimum application of product
  • Continuous communication with customers in order to ask their comments with the goal of meeting customer satisfaction
  • Investigating complains of customers at minimum possible time in accordance with degree of importance of complain

These units are operating in accordance with organization effectiveness method i.e. improving quality of services and meeting customer requirements

Customer Satisfaction + Solving Problem of Customer + Comment of Customer = Customer Support  

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