• 1974: foundation of Parashin Company in Tehran with purpose of importing garage equipment from Europe & USA. 
  • 1978: Earning upper ranking in importing of garage equipment in Iran Market and developing Parashin Company.
  • 1982: start up the installation of wheel balancer, Tire changer, wheel aligner production line for the first time in Iran by Parashin Company.
  • 1984: Designing and producing automotive engine diagnostic system for the first time in Iran.
  • 1985: Designing and producing 4-post lift for the first time in Iran.
  • 1986: Designing and producing of high pressure cleaners for the first time in Iran.
  • 1988: Shifting the production line of Parashin Company from Tehran to Semnan province and launching the new factory.
  • 1989: Getting exploitation license from the ministry of industries and mines for the factory in Semnan and replacing company name to Parizan Sanat instead of Parashin at the same time.
  • 1990: Developing & upgrading specification of the products in the new factory.
  • 1991: Re-starting importing the garage equipment by Parizan Sanat co. after 10 years.
  • 1992: Designing and manufacturing industrial balance machine for the first time in Iran.
  • 1993:  Designing and producing the first 2-post lift in Iran by Parizan Sanat co.
  • 1993: Establishing Shahin Tanzim Sanat co. in Tehran and providing services for industrial balance machine.
  • 1994: Developing of production line and installation of 3 new separate salons of installation, machinery, forming in Semnan factory.
  • 1995: Parizan Sanat is praised as exemplary country in Iran.
  • 1996: Establishment of R&D and quality control department and settling management modern systems.
  • 1997: Buying the property of Company General Tools and adding it to Parizan Sanat group (General Tools was the first importer of Garage Equipment in Iran and has established on 1962)


  • 1998:-Obtaining ISO 9001 certificate from SGS co. and certificate of R&D From ministry of industry by Parizan Sanat.
  • 1998: Khodro Azma Sanjesh establishment for design and production of Car Diagnostics tools. 
  • 1999: Designing and producing of the first car diagnostic system under Windows Software by khodro Azma Sanjesh. 
  • 2000: Developing the business to Import from 20 European Companies in the field of Garage Equipment. 
  • 2001: Starting co-production of Wheel Aligner with Beissbarth Co. in Germany and two post lift with Werther co. in Italy. 
  • 2002: Starting of Importing the Test line in the big volume and equipping vehicle Inspection Centers in most cities of Iran.
  • 2003: Establishment of after sales services and the Training Department in Karaj Special Road and promoting the services. 
  • 2005: Establishing Gostaresh Khadamat Parizan Sanat (GKP) as after sales services company for preparing the best services. 
  • 2006: Obtaining ISO 9001 certificate by Khodro Azma Sanjesh.
  •  2006: Establishing Parashin FZC in U.A.E to facilitate import and export process.
    • 2007: Obtaining ISO 9001 by GKP.
    • 2007: Selling more than 500 quantity City Sweepers Karcher to Municipality of Tehran
  • 2008: Starting the project of Parizan Sanat complex building in Azadi ave as head office of Parizan Sanat and also the industrial complex building in Karaj Makhsous Road.
    • 2008: Assigning and restarting the business activity of General Tools Co as importer of cleaning equipment and materials. Stating Semnan Factory development plan including a full reconstruction of buildings modernizing of production system (CNC machines, welding robots, CNC punching and Electro Static Automatic painting lines.)
    • 2009: Opening industrial complex in Karaj Makhsous Road including Engineering department, Training area and workshop of GKP Co. central warehouses of Parizan group, Parizan Sanat show.
    • 2009: Obtaining Certificate 17025 for GKP laboratory.
  • 2009 : Opening of new sales office of  Khodro Azma in the crossroads of Nawab street 
  • 2009: Distributing of new products of Khodro Azma in the market.
  • 2010: Receiving Top entrepreneurship award from the President of Islamic Republic of Iran. 
  • 2010 : Receiving Certification ISO 10004, ISO 10003 for customer satisfaction


  • 2010 : Parizan sanat is praised as production exemplary country in Iran (for the second time) 
  • 2011: Obtaining the Certification of Consumer Protection from IRI government. 
  • 2011Obtaining the certification of approval in principle by the General Administration of vocational and technical training and starting the GKP training center. 
  • 2012: Obtaining Self-Reported standard Certification for car Lift, Wheel Balancers and Tire changers. 
  • 2012: Receiving CE mark certification for all the products of Parizan Sanat . 
  • 2012: Designing and producing of A/C charger by khodroazma for the first time.  
  • 2014 :  Obtaining Iran Standard logo for deferent  kind of lifts
  • 2014: Participate in Automechanika fair Germany (the most prestigious and largest auto show) for the first time 
  • 2014: Designing and manufacturing Hydraulic Mobile Lift with each columns 7.2 ton capacity  
  • 2014 : Redesign most of the products according to  customer demands for the export purpose and with high quality 
  • 2015 : Design and manufacturing of Train Lift with  capacity of 5 tons to 40 tons for each column and with the capability to synchronize  to 24 columns. 
  • 2015 : Establishment of CEDARPAYA Company 
  • 2015: Starting the corporation with Coiro company and Mr .Alegri to produce in Iran for Italian brand of Coiro .



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