Bogie Moving Equipment

Bogie Lifting Table
• With 3 types of mechanism:
• The traditional scissor action
• Intelligent screw jack system incorporating lift towers or the shelf contained screw jack
• Locating the screw jack in a metal frame and placing the frame under the train
• With safe and reliable performance
• Applicable for bogie replacement and assembly for transmission from sub wagon or vice versa
• With different types: manual, motorized, floor level or underfloor
• Possibility to repair, inspection or clean simultaneously with bogie separation
• Bogie change and wheelset assembly as quickly as possible
• Bogie support arms for wheelset removal
• Possibility of placing the rails on the relevant part to easily lift the bogies detached from the sub-train (suitable for installing this equipment in pre-built repair shops)
• A pit continuation can be added to our drops to provide full clearance under the vehicle, whilst side platform give access to the item being changed

Under floor Dropping Equipment
• Allowing engines and other modules to be changed without lifting the train
• Sitting in a shallow pit passing under the track
• With removable rails with different capacity for wheelset weight
• When not in use, they are latched into place to keep the road open for general maintenance activities
• When an exchange is required, the vehicle is positioned with the relevant module located centrally above the rails
• Under Car Bogie Lifting Table
• A hydraulic scissor lift trolley with its tabletop at floor level
• Creating a pedestrian walkaway when not in use
• It traverses under the rails from the stowed position then is raised to take the weight
• When the engine or module has been removed, the table is lowered and traversed to a position where the unit can be collected
• Allowing a smaller tabletop to be attached when removing lighter units, such as gearboxes

Bogie Manipulator
• For uplifting and 360-degree rotation of the bogie and chassis around the horizontal axis
• To inspect and investigate possible defects and repairs, if necessary
• Produced based on bogie type and client request
• An electric lock system with bronze alloy and safety screw nut
• Has a locking system for permanent load protection

Bogie Turn Table
• To redirect the bogie on fixed rails in depots and workshops
• Manual or electrically powered
• Installed in a pit
• Possibility to add lifting jack
• Exit of wheel set in both directions from the turntable with adjustable speed
• It can be produced with different capacities and sizes, on request

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