The rail shunters WM50, WM150, WM300, WM 500 are designed for shunting the rail vehicles on the rail track where the travel by means of vehicle own drive or its precise positioning in a desired place is not possible
The shunters are supplied from traction batteries. A charger is installed on the shunter, enabling the charging of the shunter at any place provided with three-phase socket. During braking, the energy is recovered and returned to the batteries. In comparison to a diesel loco, the usage cost is considerably lower. Additionally, the shunter does not produce exhaust fumes and therefore it can operate inside the hall
The shunter drive is from two independent three-phase engines, supplied by DC/AC converting system. PLC micro controller of SIEMENS make is applied for the control of the shunter
The display of SIEMENS make is installed on the control panel which informs the operator about the condition of the shunter operation (messages, alarms) and actual speed. The shunter can be equipped with radio remote control

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